Thursday, 20 December 2012

The Meaning Of Life

People have been asking the scary questions for as long as they have been scared. Questions like; why does the universe exist? How is it that I am aware? And where are my keys?
These are mostly questions of philosophy, without definitive answers and perhaps the one most likely to excite a philosophical debate, is the one anyone can have an opinion on and thus an 'answer' to - the 'meaning of life' one. This also makes it the easiest to tackle on an amateur level, which is why I have chosen to do so, lazy as I am...

So what is the meaning of life? (Are you scared? I am.) It's a toughie but I think it might be fun.
Maybe we will find it a little less difficult plucking the answer from a smaller range of possible answers, let's begin with a process of elimination, stating what are NOT meanings of life... Beginning with your job.

Working through your existence may sound like a noble way to pass the time and it is certainly necessary if you want to exist in comfort, but is this not a rather closed view that has perhaps been imposed on us by our need to find reason in our constraints?
We have to work, it's only logical to devise an opinion that sheds an honourable light on those devoted to working hard. I'm not condoning laziness but I hope we can agree that we have not been gifted with the ability to create so that we may give all of our precious and improbable time for the same abhorrent prize of money. Not to mention our relatively late, commercialised understanding of the principle of money.

Procrastination is another evil I feel we can rule out. (mmmmhhh.... pro-cras-ti-nation... was it good for you too?) I refuse to accept that our ancestors have survived for billions of years, through the dangers of varying climates, thousands of stages of evolution, countless hungry predators and lots and lots of war, for us to sit and watch 'Deal or no deal' while tweeting about our breakfast and that new rash to all our avid readers.

Now if we consider the answer to the meaning of life question to be a 'reason for living' as such, then we have managed to break down our options quite significantly and we are getting closer.
If we are not squandering our time either trying to gain wealth or stuffing our senses with shit, then we are generally doing things in an attempt to find happiness, unless you are fortunate enough to be a drug addict and then you are always happy.

Maybe the meaning of life is to enjoy yourself? Maybe it is to find something you are passionate for and master it. To learn as much as you possibly can about everything that you want and to help everyone around you achieve the same. To encourage and develop ways to further mankind's progress toward enlightenment and to do everything possible to ensure the meaning of life is practised by all of humanity.

Alas, such an enriched existence can not be possible whilst enslaved by the need and superficial desire for money. All the while the selfishness and greed of the corporate pig-dog controls legislation we will never be free from the tyranny of the banking systems and their puppets.

Now I better go to bed, I have work in the morning...

Sunday, 27 May 2012

License to Breed

"Is requiring a license before you can breed truly a breach of human rights, or is discouraging the introduction of human life into suffering and unhappiness a noble and responsible act?"

This is how I plan to explain putting contraceptive in the water supply shortly after appointing myself as Emperor and abolishing democracy and the houses for parliament for the greater good.

I think it's an effective way of letting people think about the idea; distracting them long enough for me to come up with the complete list of conditions and requirements for obtaining a license to reproduce. (entitling one to the antidote to the contraceptive)

Nothing too strict of course... merely a few simple guidelines to stem the flow of babies growing to be anything other than beneficial to society.
By having a little control over who is allowed to procreate we will begin to see vast improvements in our communities and the quality of our relationships.

We will see dramatic reductions in crime and an increase in wealth and a higher standard of living. Along with quieter roads, parks and pubs and significantly fewer people from Bradford.
Bad manners will be a thing of the past along with violence (unless it amuses the Emperor) and stupidity. No longer would we have to put up with knowing very little if anything at all.

It makes no sense to me that people cannot be trusted to do things like watch television and go fishing without a license but when it comes to important decisions that clearly, some of us are not qualified to make, like creating moldable free thought, we are left to our own devices.

And so I will propose, and then insist on a few basic guidelines that must be fulfilled or followed before anyone across the planet is allowed to have children.

Things like financial stability is an obvious one; if you can't afford to have kids, you can't have kids and anyone with a criminal record too, may not receive a license. Perhaps an IQ test wouldn't go amiss either...

Maybe I could appoint a trusted few with good judge of character to assess the personality of applicants and decide if they are fit to raise a respectable human being or whether they are too angry, lazy, daft or boring to indoctrinate another conscious being.

Friday, 30 March 2012

What next?

The planet is going to rip itself apart because:

♣ We all want money
♣ We are willing to be immoral to get it
♣ Without it we suffer...                                     ... Or so we are led to believe.

We all presume that money makes the world go around and initially it did. The advent of the monetary system and it's by-products, like capitalism, did a lot for the planet. It gave us technologies, global trade markets, empires and Dragon's Den but unfortunately it has now outstayed it's welcome and is, in fact, sand in the gearbox that is our eco-system, wearing the gears of humanity and numbering the days until replacement parts are found or the gearbox jams entirely manifesting in total apocalyptic mayhem.

We see us on the news every night, fucking each other over for one gain or another. All of them quarrels over power or greed. (Or religion, another bane.) And what does power and greed have in common? What causes both but resolves neither? What allows ingrates to prosper while the grateful rot? And what keeps us all busy, blind and ignorant while the elite all smirk and 'dock'?


But if we didn't have money who would come to repair your shoe horn or circumcise your Labrador?
Nobody wants to do those things if they're not getting paid for it right?
Well... It is true that we all need incentive but if money did not exist then we would all do things for other, now less obvious forms of fulfilment.
We crave satisfaction and it is this that we use as incentive, only it has been cheapened by the prospect of cash. We think getting money is satisfying but really there are much better ways of getting that bump of dopamine and feel good juice like getting under a warm shower, listening to the entire cast of Glee get brutally murdered, eating a plate of seared silk worm fed alligator slices on a bed of fried potato discs or a McDonald's or even just receiving a smile, praise or appreciation.

If money didn't exist people would help each other because it feels good. The Buddhists have had this shit in the bag for millennia but we could actually make it internationally viable now that we have the technology to do it. Trade would of course continue because everybody sill wants and needs everything but there would be no need for discussions over price or worth. Instead all resources would be distributed proportionately relative to demand on a global scale. This would of course be monitored and automatically controlled by computer - sending bananas to Bangkok and lithium to Lithuania.
On smaller scales, within local communities, people could share amenities that are wasteful to produce but rarely used like hedge trimmers and auntie Doris' car that she only uses to keep the road dry from rain and to go dogging and bingo once a month. (Obviously that's silly... Bingo wouldn't exist without money.)

But until then we may aswell all be content with the situation we're in. Enslaved by the corporations and blinded by greed and inequality, coz it ain't gonna change till we're all fucking dead.

A Cleaner 4D

In a previous post about perception, I mentioned that I didn't like the concept of the fourth dimension because it was too messy... It needed expanding upon and describing properly within my own head for it to fit nicer in my grand scheme of things. I have since done this and here is the product:

If the fourth dimension was to exist in a physical sense then all points in time would exist at once and it would merely be our consciousness that floats through it.

Instead of the idea of lots of sausages all over the place, showing where everything has been and will be, it would be one, all encompassing, solid compound, containing every element and particle in the universe.
As consciousness flickers through it like electricity in a swimming pool, everything is perceived from infinite angles by all conscious beings - random floating charges amid the infinitely dense soup of every thing and every moment.

Of course, when I say infinitely dense I mean it. Infinitely dense and infinitely large. If we accept that time and the universe is infinite, every particle within the universe would eventually have to have been everywhere... Infinity is quite a long time and with that much time on your hands it is inevitable, that you visit everywhere you can. (If you are a particle.)
This means that even if there was only one solitary particle in the universe, in 4D, it would fill the universe completely.
But there isn't just one (well maybe there is, but that's another story) there are lots. Lots and lots. So if every single one of them has to eventually be everywhere, then every single one of them has to fill the 4th dimension absolutely, thus we have our infinite density.

Our experience is perhaps just a product or reaction in the great cosmic stew that is the fourth dimension.

Friday, 9 December 2011

Nurture Molds Your Nature

Quite simply, you are the product of your upbringing. You would not be the person you are today; capable of reading this and feeling particular emotions in response, unless you had suffered the experiences of your life before you.
For this, you can mostly blame your parents. Bastards. It is they who imprint the initial understanding of right and wrong into our moldable, putty-like brains. Our basic morals link us just as effectively to our parents as our names and without this primary grasp of ethics we rarely turn out to grasp anything else.

Of course when I say 'parents' I'm covering all characters heavily involved in our upbringing and I say 'characters' because I don't necessarily just mean 'real people'.
Obviously 'parents' includes all 'responsible adults' like Mum and Dad, Foster parents, maybe an older brother, uncle Trevor or your Youth Probation Officer, but if little Johnny is exposed to 'Big Brother' or 'Britain's next top model' for long enough, then these medium become parental as well. (Though these examples of moronic influences can still be viewed positively if they are perceived from an angle of understanding, as an education in surroundings or culture (or the lack of).)

With very few exceptions, violent people are experienced in 'bad times', happy people are from Cuddlesville, lazies breed ignorance and the blind bow to God and while bad times, Cuddlesville, laziness and God is still rife throughout society, we will be plagued with violent, smiley, stupid and gullable people.


I'd like to start with two apologies. One for my absence and another for the ridiculous length of my previous post. It was arrogant of me to expect the devotion required to read it. It was a lot of bollocks anyway...

So onward and downwards... Here's an extract written on the 15th November 2011.

     "Once again I sit on a delayed plane; one of Ryan's Boeing 737s. So far we are only an hour and a half late, probaably due to something trivial combined, more than likely, with incompetence. Needless to say the actual reason for our displeasure has not been explained, instead: "Have a nice day. We're not even acknowledging the delay, let alone apologising for it." and "Oh I'm sorry sir, your hand luggage is slightly too big. you will have to pay €600 to check it in."
Cheers Ryanair, pleasure doing business with you.

       Anyway, I've been in Benidorm to oversee a ska concert in which I invested and to visit my mother who lives nearby and who I do not see nearly enough. 

Benidorm is a colourful place and so is the language used both in it and used to describe it.
It is a commoners paradise. A Mecca for the working class. Butlins on acid.
It is supposedly a year round resort though it is definitely quieter in the winter except, that is, in November, when the Benidorm "
fiestas" give every man, woman and child a totally unnecessary excuse to abuse alcohol.
For those unfamiliar with Spanish policies, a fiesta is a party that lasts a few days during which you are legally obliged to drink excessively and not go to work. Every town and village has it's own fiesta once a  year and Benidorm's happens to be in November.

Walking the streets of Benidorm in the summer, you can expect to see adolescents crowding the neon plagued streets, shouting abuse in northern dialects and vomiting in their pockets but I was not prepared for what I witnessed there over the past few days. It was the exact same thing, only the adolescents were replaced by their grandparents!
In November, all the wrinklies stop babysitting their grand kids and take to the streets in overwhelming numbers, consuming vast amounts of Carling and Lambrini and being generally as irritating and obnoxious as their offspring.
Good for them, that's what I say. If once a year they want to insist they are on holiday, wearing shorts and flip flops regardless of the rain and enjoy it anyway then all the power to them!

Monday, 7 November 2011

The Venus Project. Solution, Chimera or Communism?

If anyone has seen the Zeitgeist movies (particularly Addendum) you will probably have already considered this dilemma, but for those of you that have not, or anyone that has not heard of the Venus project I will attempt to explain.

What the Zeitgeist films and Venus project pedal is the idea that the planet is enslaved by money. The Zeitgeist series strives to take action against this and the Venus project offers an alternative way of governing.

It is a difficult concept to break into without getting really long winded or sounding like a conspiracy nut but I will say that although these kinds of films have all got their 'debunker' counterparts, the actual theory behind this concept feels very plausible and even quite sensible. Here we go...

First we have to consider that it's corporations that run America and therefore much of the world and so decisions are made to make money and not necessarily  for the greater good. We also have to note that the American Federal Reserve is in no way federal and in fact a private organisation established in 1913 after the U.S. economy fucked up big time in 1907 (Zeitgeist goes further here and claims that this depression was premeditated so that the Federal Reserve Act could be passed, riding on the wave of panic that ensued).

The job of the Federal Reserve is basically to decide who gets fresh money under the pretence of stablising the economy... They decide who gets to print money. ('Printing' is just a generalisation I'm using for putting more currency into the system. The fact is only about 3% of the money in U.S. circulation is in paper form)

So for example, lets say the U.S. Government is a bit boracic. The Federeal reserve will let them print some more dosh but only if they promise to pay it all back with a little bit of interest to keep everything sweet. Now the blindingly obvious flaw in that premise is that to pay the interest on these 'loans' the U.S. Government would have to print (borrow) more money - with interest... How can the interest ever be paid if the money used to pay it is borrowed with more interest?
Supposedly if the economy succeeds thanks to these loans then it should gather income from abroad but I think I'm right in saying that the Dollar is now the closest we have to a global currency.

Ok... I'm getting there... The implication of this, Zeitgeist claims, is that every single dollar in circulation has a certain amount of debt attached to it in turn making society permanently indebted too. Now, the point is that while you are indebted, you are enslaved. While you are enslaved you cannot progress, advance or evolve.

It's because of money that we all get up at the crack of a sparrow's fart to go to a job we hate (unless you are fortunate enough to enjoy your job). We go through so much shit just to make the bread so that we can afford to eat, sleep and recreate. But imagine an existence not conditioned by money. Imagine all the effort that you put into making money being spent on something you actually wanted to do... the things you could achieve and learn if money was no object... it sounds like an impossible fantasy but the Venus project endeavours to make this dream actualised.

The resource based system (as opposed to a monetary based system) relies upon the abundance of resources that are not being restricted in the name of profit, as is the case in today's systems. It depends on the use and release of technology. (Here's where it gets crazy) Computers and robots do all the mundane yet necessary tasks freeing humans to do what we are designed to do... learn.

Everything we pay money for in today's world could actually be designed to last, instead of being designed to be replaced; to expire. If we weren't so insistent on making money with all the resources on the planet we  would realise that there is enough to go around for free.
Another benefit, they claim, is a massive drop in crime which makes sense when you consider the vast majority of crime is related to poverty/money.

I appreciate how dangerously close this is to communism, and we all know how well that works, but there is one major difference and that is in the way the system is governed... no dictators. (but perhaps that is how they all start out...)

And now, finally we get to my point.
It's a wonderful concept, probably too wonderful: Everything's free, we don't have to work, technology is allowed to evolve without the restrictions of patents and staggered releases, but how are we supposed to move into this new system? It seems impossible to me.
Obviously those with less money will be more susceptible to this new system but persuading the rich kids to stop believing in the power of money is never going to happen. So I would like to ask Jacque Fresco, the founder of the Venus Project and potential future dictator of the world, how he sees the transition taking place. The only way I can imagine it working is after some kind of cataclysmic event of biblical proportion wiping out the vast majority of mankind allowing us to rebuild from scratch without the need for money but with enough understanding to use technology to its full potential.

Yay for robots collecting rubbish.

I think perhaps it would be better to hear all of this straight from the horses mouth as I have not done it justice and I'm starting to sound nuts.

Check it out:
And watch the Zeitgeist films... just googlit.